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Published: 14th June 2011
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Donít score the perimeters looking for a jilbab when you can easily jump in your car and go to the nearest jilbab store or shopping mall. Itís time to look carefully and grab the best designs before someone else does. Isnít that what we all do when we go shopping?

Moving on you should keep in mind what you want and what looks stylish on you. What is really in fashion nowadays is simple, but elegant and classy. I will describe what this style jilbab should look like. Think colours like silvery grey or pale lilac. These are colours which donít really stand out but would be perfect if you are going to a wedding or celebratory occasion. Now imagine on the border a darker colour embroidered motif with a few sparkles and sequins. How can you not pick up such a gorgeous style and just run away with it?

But if this really is not your thing then I would suggest choosing something with a little more boldness but at the same time keeping in mind the subtlety of the garment. An appropriate design would be the latest range in tie and dye colours. Jilbab stores have managed to couple together some absolutely stunning colours and have created some splendid elegant styles. This would of course look best with a plain headscarf with maybe a little beading around the edge.

for those of you who are thinking of how to look fashionable but at the same time maintain a modest look, this is a must read. The latest styles in jilbab are quite smart and stylish. If you were a regular black jilbab, then you must get your hands on one of the loose flowing, long cut bell sleeved jilbab with a jeweled edging. Itís not too out there but its far from dowdy.

Some of the latest colours in this fashion are midnight blue, lilac, periwinkle and sandy brown. One of my favourites is a long, till your feet, light brown jilbab with long tight cut sleeves pulled together at the cuff with three gorgeous golden buttons each. If brown isnít really your colour there is the latest range in midnight blue. When I went jilbab shopping the number of styles I saw were tremendous but if you are thinking of styling things up a little then you should try to get your hands on a blue specimen. A perfect one would be a long midnight blue loose flowing jilbab with purple motifs down the front.

But thatís not all. If youíre a simpleton then these styles are not for you. You should look at the new and latest range of plain pastel coloured jibabs which are in store right now. Close cut and joined together at the front with a few small buttons Ė these are the perfect styles.

So what are you waiting for? Donít just sit there. Go out now and buy a styling jilbab. After all there are all those dinner parties and donít forget presents for your best friends!

These are just some styles in jilbab are up and current. Go to your latest store and see what is there I am sure you will be able to find a jilbab that suits you the best.

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